Time Signatures at System Object Positions

Hi Everyone,

Is there an easy way to control the gap ON TOP of Time Signatures at System Object Positions?
It is easy to control the gap between top of staff and Time Signature in the Engraving Options,
but I need to change the gap between a Time Signature (at System Object Positions between staves) and the staff group above as well.

Any hints?

Thank you,


No, Max, there’s no specific setting for this, I’m afraid. Can you say a little more about the situation in which you find this necessary?

Is Max talking about large time signatures above the top staff?

See for instance in this example.
I think in general the distance between the systems is perfect in general.
Only when there’s a time signature, a larger gap would be nice.
Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 23.52.20.png

Thanks, Max, that’s helpful. I’ll make a note of this as something we might want to consider in future.