Time Signatures based on Notes in MIDI file

Dear all,

I have a MIDI file and I would like to create time signatures based on Notes in this file in Cubase.
The MIDI file has no time signature information unfortunately.
The MIDI file has a C3 for the beginning of each bar and then additional C4 notes - depending on the type of time signature.

For example if the MIDI file has a 4/4 and then a 3/4 and then a 5/8 the MIDI file would read:

1/4 C3 1/4 C4 1/4 C4 1/4 C4 1/4 C3 1/4 C4 1/4 C4 1/8 C3 1/8 C4 1/8 C4 1/8 C4 1/8 C4
I hope this is halfway understandable?

Is this possible with Cubase?

Thank you for your help,
all the best
Example.mid.zip (656 Bytes)