time signatures indicate wrong bar no. BUG???

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I copied and pasted the tempo and the time signatures from one project into another (Cubase 10.040)

The tempo has been copied just fine but the time signatures are in a very strange offset.

The marked 4/4 is nested in bar 61 on beat 4 instead of bar 157. But it still indicates bar 157 in the status bar.

only the time signature track is effected by this issue…

Playback works as indented. I copied it from another project (CB 10.040)
The tempo curves are correct - only the time signature track is spooky…

I also created a new time signature at bar 157 which is indicated as bar 405 in the status bar.

Close and re-open the session. Should fix it. It’s a bug I’ve run into before.

Thanks, will try this tonight when I come back. :slight_smile: