Time signatures not horizontally alligned on top

Hello all,

I’ve searched everywhere, but I couldn’t find any option to make time signatures at system object position horizontally aligned. I like that its vertical position changes on a system basis to avoid collisions with higher notes, but ideally it should make them all aligned with the top most one. I’ve never seen anything like this on a score. Very bizarre, and I imagine quite distracing for a conductor.

Sure, I can put a generous gap between the top staff and the time signatures, but on a lot of systems there is simple too much vertical space wasted. Alternatively, I can manually drag them in engraver mode, but doing that on an entire score full of time signature changes is maddening.
If there isn’t an easy solution for this, is there at least a “align objects” command that I missed?

Another question, by the way: is there an engraver/layout option to add a gap to avoid collisions of rehearsal marks with notes or articulations, like in this case?

Thank you for your time!