Time-space notation


Anyone know if it is possible to do time-space notation in Dorico without having to manually adjust the position of notes using note spacing in engrave mode. I’m specifically wondering whether I can set Dorico to have a fixed and uniform spacing value for a crotchet (or some other value) that won’t vary when there are different densities of material within the same time frame. Essentially turning the automatic note spacing off.

I don’t think this is possible but thought I’d ask anyway. I’m dreading the fact I will most likely have to move every note manually.

Have to looked at the ways to adjust the Note Spacing in Layout Options? You can set the quarter note to whatever space you like. For some reason the image I took won’t attach - I’ll try later. But setting the quarter at 16, I can only get four per line. Perhaps that is the way to go?

You can’t turn the automatic note spacing completely off, but with a large enough note spacing value and the proportional note spacing activated and set to for example 2, you should be able to get very close to what you are probably after.

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