Time Stretch attenuates results by 6dB (N5.5)

Anybody experience this? It has worked flawlessly in the past until the 5.5 update. I double-checked it with a 0 tone and it reduces the results exactly 6dB.

Also, the Elastic is unusable, at least for vocals. It creates a doubling effect like a delay or chorus. I’ve tried all algorithms.

Just tried this.

-Insert tone generator
-record 1000Hz into mono channel/
-Playback shows -20dB
-Stretch in moderation ==>>>> -20dB
-Stretch abuse (300%) =====>>> -20dB

I am using the MPEX Solo Musical algo (the one you all should use)

BTW, impossible to choose the Elastic algo, so you must be doing something different.



We are talking about offline processing to an individual clip, right? That’s what I’m doing. The elastique is part of the new package in 5.5 and is selectable when I Time stretch. I still get the 6dB attenuation no matter which algo I select.

i’ve seen another post about this neil but i was pc only (well, sort of. in my tests timestretching audio with solo musical – the definitive timestretch so far – would lower the level by just under .5db)

this is stretched by right clicking on the region in the project window and selecting timestretch.


Max: I was doing offline processing (in solo musical). I tried it in-project like you described and it still happened. It appears that it only happens when I open the time stretch dialog box.


It only happens in my 88.1 KHz project. I happened to try it in a 44.1KHz project and it worked fine. I haven’t tried it in 48 or 96 yet. Strange.

I am SO glad I am not the only person this is happening to.
I get exactly the same issues as you describe here too - with one difference…
it happens to me when I use tool 1 and the “sizing applies time stretch” option.
(this is set to MPEX Solo musical in prefs, just as it should be)

I started a post on this in old forum last December (http://www.nuendo.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=23537&highlight=).

Using timestretch (offline/rightklick) solo musical 96% (for converting 24fps to 25fps), my clip is reduced by 0,7dB.
Using timestretch poly musical 96% my signal is increased by up to 3dB.

Well, I am seeing -6 to -9dB attenuation here when reducing length to compensate for bad film>PAL video transfers where some lazy person has just gone frame for frame, resulting in the 4% speedup.

we will investigate this issue and fix it as soon as possible.


Thanks, Thorsten.
(I thought I was going mad)

Posting now in 2014 on Version 7…
Has this not been fixed? Still having the same problem as the poster from 2011.

When you flatten a time warped file with MPEX, it loses several dB of amplitude.

What makes this frustrating is that some of the events on the same track cannot be bounced with MPEX, they can only be bounced with “Realtime,” (a lesser algo I assume.) So what you get is a playback where the track output volume jumps up and down by several dB, depending on what algo you could use on each event when flattening.

So your options are:

  1. Forget MPEX and use the “Realtime” algo with flatten on all the clips, even if audio quality is not as good, to maintain consistent playback volume in the track, or

  2. Run a test to find out exactly how much MPEX is reducing the amplitude, then tediously gain up every event flattened with MPEX by an equal amount.

What would be really wonderful is to fix these old problems in the software before starting to add any new features or plugins- so that the tools we have to work with are rock solid, before adding to them.