Time Stretch Corrupt

I have a wee problem.
I quite often do a time stretch and of recent when I try to do a ‘save’ it tells me the file is corrupt.

What actually happens is, from an audio track I select a bar of it and copy it to a new audio track below it, then I do a ‘sizing applies time stretch’ and immediately after that when I try a ‘save’ it tells me:

‘The project could not be saved because:
The project is corrupt.
The previous version of the project has been left unchanged.’

If I undo the time stretch I can save as normal.
unfortunately any editing after the time stretch is also corrupt.

I can’t remember what you can do in that version but basically I would do the stretch as you want then bounce it. The software I use now is just a keystroke and it’s done but if you don’t have a bounce command you can maybe route it to a channel and record it or run it out to your interface and back but somehow make a new recording of the stretched audio file then delete it.
Then it should save normally.

That would be my next move in that situation.

Hi Tacman7
I only use the time stretch to slow a few bars of a very fast riff down and enter the notes in a midi track so I can commit to memory then zap the time stretch.
Love to know why the corruption.
I have Version7-64bit

Melodyne is actually pretty good at converting audio to midi. Not perfect but it can save a lot of time if you clean it up manually afterward.