Time Stretch Cubase 7 Elements


I have a song that I want to gradually increase the BPM from 128.00 to 145.00 i a 15 second perioden in order to mix in another track, but i cannot figure out how to do this. I´ve googled the subject but all examples are from previous editions.

Is this bpm change possible?

Thanks for any help!

Bump…c´mon…nobody knows?

not in elements you need a tempo track and musical mode to achieve what you want to achieve, can’t think of another way of doing it off the top of my head

So the answer is to upgrade to Artist 7? At this time I´m getting to know Cubase by making mashups and edits of different EDM tracks, but if beat matching is not an option in Elements then this is off the table…

as i said , AFAIK you need the tempo track to run the tempo of your first song and if all tracks are in musical mode then twhen you adjust the tempo and the tracks will adjust tempo with the tempo track but as there is no tempo track in elements then … but you never know some guru might have some off the rail way of doing it .

if you look on page 226 of the Op manual then you might be able to achieve what you want to do in a roundabout way in the sample editor but ive never done it through there before . It’s your only chance .

Aight, thanks for inputs!

Hope som guru comes along… hehe