Time Stretch Distorts The Quality of the Audio

Hi , I use Cubase Elements 10…I recorded my project at 130 bpm but later i found out the song is better at 135 bpm…Quality of song distorts when i try to use time strech application …Vocals are heard kind of mechanical , and guitars have a deep noise…I’d like to know if there is a way to solve this , thanks.

There are electric guitar and midi records in the song.


The “MIDI records” (I expect the MIDI data is sent to a virtual instruments) should be totally fine. If not, something really weird happens.

In theory, yes, this is the way how to do it. It could depend, what algorithm do you choose for the Audio file(s). You can also switch the Audio events to the Musical Mode (make sure the length doesn’t change, i.e. Cubase detected the tempo correctly) and then change the project tempo. All Audio events in the Musical Mode will follow the tempo (by using Time stretch).