Time Stretch Feature

I recorded an acoustic guitar piece. The last 3 notes I played were a bit too fast. Can I slow the notes slightly using time stretch. They’re single notes, no chords or other instrument tracks. Did not use a metronome. The piece is technically challenging to play and I prefer not having to do it all over again. I tried to use the time stretch feature, but couldn’t find instructions on how to use it. Thanks.

Here is one way to do it:
Put the audio into musical mode (either the pool or the sample editor)
Add a tempo track
Create nodes on the tempo track and adjust them until the tempo works the way you like it. the piano audio will follow the tempo track even though the music isn’t played to the beats.

Another way would be using VariAudio. Double click on the audio track, let VariAudio analyze it with Pitch and Warp, and then drag the segments (your notes) to the desired length and position.