Time Stretch.... how?

I usually have to convert from 24 to 25 fps. Now, with Nuendo 8 and Direct offline processing I cant find a way to timestretch my material. Timestretch simply doesn’t work even if I apply permanently. How can I solve this?

BTW, is the old school nuendo 7 offline processing gone? Why can’t nuendo 8 have both?

I have noticed this as well, the time stretch processing doesn’t seem to work. Unless there’s a workaround I don’t know, for now I would just do the stretching in N7 or iZotope RX or something else. As things are now, I’m definitely keeping N7 on the side for post work (while I do music stuff with N8).

Yeah, me too. I had to use Nuendo 7 to apply Timestretch.
I really wish Nuendo to have the frame rate parameters in the plugin, instead of percentage you should just choose source and destination as fps and pitch corrected or not.

You can type the framerate in the BPM window.
25 tot 24 => 31.250sec.
Works perfectly. Use Elastique Pro algo or MPEX Solo Musical.


how about a track from a reel to reel that was recorded in 7.5 speed, transferred at 3.75. how the speed change is calculated?

I think it would be a cool idea to have these values hard wired into the software as presets since the question is coming up so regularly.