Time stretch on Win10

Hello guys, I searched the forums quite a bit but didn’t find answers. My problem is that since switching to win10 time stretching creates a lot of artifacts. Now, if I turn Nuendo in compatibility for win 8 or 7 time stretching is FLAWLESS again. The problem is that I get an error message with ELC on launch and I have lagging graphics and several minor performance issues. The majority of my projects are for dubbing so I use a lot of time stretching to get a perfect lip sync. Has anyone encountered sth similar? Any ideas how to fix this? I use Nuendo 8.2 at work and Cubase 9.5 at home with Mpex algorithms and have the same results. Thanks for your time.

Hi Nick,
I work with dubbing too and had really big problems with time stretching on Nuendo 8 and windows 10. I asked SB several times to take a look at this but nobody answered. After a lot of “trying”, I realized that the “MPEX- Solo Fast” is the only one that I can use for stretching and compressing (only once) without having artifacts in my system. Try it and let me know. Its fast and sounds better than the other ones.



Tried it, so far the MPEX solo musical works better for me. I have the same behaviour on three different machines. Thank you so much for responding.

Are you guys talking about timestretch with the mouse tool in the Project window or using Variaudio and sliding the beginning and ending of segments in the Edit window?

Timestretch with the mouse tool in the project window.

I would suggest you at least try doing your vocal adjustment/alignment in Variaudio in the Edit window. I think you’ll like it.

There’s probably a good instructional video somewhere but it’s fairly straightforward. After you analyze the audio just move the beginnings and or ends of the segments to realign the timing of the vocal. You can make additional cuts in the segments if you need them.

I use Variaudio when I´m dealing with music vocals. It works like a charm, but when you work with Dubbing and have to stretch or compress thousands of audios really fast …and I mean Thousands literally, Variaudio does not work. You need a reliable compression tool with the mouse to have speed. But thanks for the Tip.

It’s a shame because Nuendo’s time stretch is unmatched. Let’s hope it gets fixed in the near future.

Hi all,
I’m also noticing a downgrade with the TC/E tool in N8 vs N6.5(which I thought was awesome.) I’m running a windows 7 machine. It’s to the point where I have to start up 6.5 just to process a single dialog track. Kind of frustrating. Doesn’t seem to matter what algorithm I use.

Just an update on my last post… So far the MPEX Solo Fast is sounding the best on dialog… I’ll continue to test on various audio, but hopefully won’t have to start up 6.5 to do this anymore.