time stretch & pocketing avoiding double transient

I cant figure out how to do this .When you have lets say a bass line your trying to pocket(sync up) to a kick drum,You split the audio in half and move one section say 12 MS left. when you grab and pull or stretch the other audio part to the moved piece, a repete or double transient appears. Any thoughts ? Audioedit

Dont use time stretch for such small actions, just cut then slip the event, then use the note decay to bridge the gap and crossfade, far better than time stretch on bass IMO.

Thanks for the reply…When you say slip do you mean move & When you say decay do you mean fade.Every one has there own slang. When I said 12ms I just therw that out.It would be more to 1/4 beat to 1/2 something where they came in late on the second note but the the two notes need to be seamed together.Where I’d need to streatch the first note two the second now moved 1/4 to 1/2 a beat down and the second transient is now visable.When I try to stretch note #one to meet note #two the timing of note #one that Im trying to stretch slows down in timeing.I guess the tempo slowing on the stretched note is the issue I hope this is not twisting your brain to much!! And thankyou again for you reply Split…

Well I suppose it all depends of the severity of the edit?

But by slip I mean, em… slip event. Ctrl Alt drag, slips the event within the container.

And decay I mean, em… Decay, as in note decay, the bit after the attack.

So… Cut around the bad note at the correct timing, slip the pluck part into time, now deal with the note decay by moving the container till it looks/sounds good then crossfade joins, works for me on most bass notes, the ones that dont have gaps (the easy ones)

Thanks Slip.I’ll try it when I get to the studio.Let you know how bad I mess it up LoL.