Time stretch problems in cubase 6.5

So I’ve been having some serious issues with time stretch in cubase 6.5. Specifically, I was editing a bass track to match drums, and was using the free warp feature under the audiowarp tab, moving each hit a bit here and there. After i was done, I listened back to the whole thing and realized my bass track was slowly drifting later and later. The waveforms looked fine, and when I jumped to specific spots it would playback fine, but trying to playback the whole thing caused the algorithm to fall apart. I tried bouncing out the bass track, and the problem was still there.

Anyone have this issues with time stretching? Know any solutions? or am I going to have to re-edit the whole track with slicing?

I had this same thing happen, eventually I tried the"Standard Mix" algo there was no longer any drift. I had spent a couple hours trying everything I could think since every post said ElastiquePro was wayyy better… Maybe it is but it didn’t work in that instance, now my edits are so tight with my ‘guide’ track that its actually flanging. (Important fix since this was after a days worth of edits getting a reel to reel dub aligned with the track.)