Time Stretch Tool Question

Hi all,

I use the time stretching tool a lot at work and noted that there are 8 algorithms to choose. IMO only 2 are reasonable to use without “corrupting” too much the audio…MPEX solo musical and MPEX Poly complex. One is better for stretching and the other for compressing. My question is: Is it possible to implement in a future update a way to change the plugin as it is in Protools? The Avid TC/E (Time compression expansion) in Protools is AWESOME ( a lot better than MPEX) and you don´t have to change it all the time to compress or expand…it works very well for both ways but if you don´t like it, you can change it for another plugin ( Waves sound shifter, Serato Pitch´n Time Pro and others) to use with the Time Stretch tool…very simple.