Time Stretch Vs Musical Mode

I have Cubase Pro 9.02 the latest version and i am noticin a significant difference in quality of audio when i change the tempo with musical mode vs just using the proper select tool for time stretching. Its almost as if musical mode is a preview and audio seems duobled and artificial when i Change the tempo. I am using elastique probtime for this operation.

When i use the time stretch tool i notice that it analyzes the track first and then it applies the time stretch. The result is phonemenal. With the musical mode enabled it does not prescan the tracks first it just changes the tempo but the qualitybis not good. Can you please explain the difference betwween the two operations and let me know if there is a step I am missing when using the musical mode.

You can set the algorithm used for time stretching with the Time Stretch Tool in Preferences -> Editing -> Audio and the algorithm for Musical Mode (per Clip) either in the Info Line or in the Pool. Looks like you are using the MPEX algorithm for the Time Stretch Tool. But usually it shouldn’t sound very doubled or artificial with the proper algorithm in Musical Mode. Can you provide a sample?

Thanks for your reposne. So let me clarify. When I use time stretching it is working great, when I use musical mode and simply change the tempo it sounds artificial. I am using the same algorithm “Real Time”. Is there any way to mandate analysis of the track in Musical Mode like it happens with time stretching. The musical mode skips that step and changes the track field size but it does not analyze first like time stretching does.