Time Stretch?

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been asked before!

Switched to Cubase 12 Pro from Logic 2 days ago. Loving Cubase so far, however I have an issue. No matter what I do, if I import via Media Browser a Drum Loop, Synth Loop, Vocal Loop etc and stretch it for instance from lets say 127 to 130 or vice versa, I am getting a lot of artifacts it just doesn’t sound the right especially on hihats. I cannot get anything to sync properly.

I have it set to elastique Pro - Time, Musical Mode Enabled. I’ve tried all the algorithms and am yet to get one that sounds useable. On the Cubase 12 Elements Trial I was using before buying Pro, it was on Standard - Mix algorithm and it was useable, drop loop in, it worked. I am assuming there is something I haven’t setup correctly or am missing.

In Preferences>Editing Audio, I have it set as:
Enable Automatic Hitpoint Detection
Time Stretch Algorithm: Realtime
Time Default Warping Alogrithm: elastique Pro

If I load Splice and drag a loop from any BPM into my project it’s warped properly, and sounds really good.

Any ideas guys, I’m a Cubase newbie so I am probably missing something very simple.



Do these clips have the tempo defined correctly?
If you open the clip in the clip editor, there is a field at the top to set the original tempo.

I don’t think Cubase actually analyzes the file to determine tempo…
(I could be wrong there, but I usually have to do it myself)

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah correct tempo & bars it’s just once musical mode is on it sounds terrible… Once I try to stretch anything It’s like the loop has been changed to a different bit rate like a bit crusher would if you get what I mean. Even if I don’t stretch i.e. import a loop at the same BPM as the project. Normally I have no issues with this in Ableton or Logic, even Splice is fine so i’m definitely missing something. Im very confused!

Ok… Reset all settings to default in Cubase, Shut my computer down, started again and it seems to be ok. Apologies all is fine :+1: