Time stretching? Got crackle?

Hi guys –
Wondering if anyone else frequently experiences crackles when using the time-stretch function. I’ve tried the various algorithms, and haven’t found a consistent solution. What’s very strange: the crackles actually don’t seem to be on the track. If I zoom into the wave form, I see no discernible digital click or glitch. And on playback, sure enough, SOMETIMES a stretched note will play perfectly, but play it again: a crackle. Play it AGAIN, no crackle!

I am working on 10.5, running on a new iMac through an Apollo interface. Can’t imagine it’s a processing power issue!

Thanks for any thoughts.


How much do you stretch it? How exactly do you stretch it (do you use Direct Offline Process, or Sizing Apply Time Stretch)? Can you hear the crackles on the exported file?

Hey Martin. I would say I am typically making things twice as long – say, a 1.5 second note into a 3-second note. Nothing insane. The way I usually do this is simply by hitting my #1 key a couple times until I get to the time-stretch tool (the little clock). I then simply drag the note. As for whether it clicks on export, that I don’t know, as I have always been too annoyed w. it to export it!


Try it, please. the result could lead to the source of the issue.

Same thing here with a Apollo interfaces (latest drivers) on PC.
Could it be related to the interfaces ?
I am using the Sizing Apply Time Stretch method.
Crackles are always audible during playback unless I have a few seconds of pre-roll.
The exported audio doesn’t have the crackles.