Time Stretching in C6

Ahh, makes sense. Thanks Hippo and Dreamix.

@Onno, Did you get a chance to review my responses/questions pertaining to your comments?


Onno, I’d like to take you up on your offer, let’s discuss. Please see my responses/questions just below your comments post.


I think “no audible glitch” should be the obvious preference!

If you make the cut at a non-zero point, won’t you sometimes hear a glitch even when you play the segment after the cut, without any time stretching?

Yeah, I like that preference setting! :laughing:

Hi chase, Pops come from an abrupt change in amplitude. So, you shouldn’t hear a pop for simply slicing as long as the position of the waveform on either side of the slice remains the same. Basically, if your slice looks like the bottom track on the pic I posted earlier, then you won’t hear a pop. However, you will hear a pop in the track on top because there is an abrupt change in the amplitude position of the waveform upon entering the new event.

I have another problem with ‘TimeStretching’.
When I check the a sound and I try to use this function instead of a change of pace I can hear a change of - pitchShift, regardless of the algorithm I use, but mostly I use the standard vocal.
Has anyone already encountered this problem? whether it is known the solution?
I would add that before the update C5-> C6, - C 5.5.2 and before everything was ok

I think I found the cause and a provisional solution.
Time Stretch is working normally on a sample of 44.1 in the 16 and 24bit. However, 48kHz sample that causes the error described above.
I hope that this bug will be recorded and will be fixed in a patch soon.

Steinberg developers have confirmed several issues with non-44.1kHz files and have promised fixes: Steinberg Forums

thank you
a moment after I posted this post, I found several threads on the forum describing this error.
I hope that the update will be released soon.