Time-stretching quality in Wavelab v11 vs. v10

In v11, I’m noticing artifacts in speeding up a stereo mix from 101 bpm to 103.02bpm (102%)… ever so slight artifacts, but noticeable, especially in the vocal.

Is it possible that some of the algorithms in v10 (which there are many), might be better than the one in v11 that I can use for stretching this file?

Indeed, the algorithm has changed between v10 and v11. Like any algorithm of this type, it is a little better or worse, depending on the audio hardware. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have the old algorithm again.

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Except to just install and use v10, I presume?

Yes for sure.

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out of curiousity - what is the tech behind those time-stretch algorithms in Wavelab v10? I don’t see that in the v10 manual.

This was called ZTX from Zynaptiq

Wavelab 11 uses ZTX too, the manual says.
Is the one algorithm in 11 similar to, say, the “frequency localization (complex mixes)” algorithm in version 10?

Also, so far I seem to get the best results on this particular track I’m working on using the “transcribe mode” in v10, but I have to listen more closely. It would sure be nice just to know which is the best algo and just use that one, but as you say, it depends on the material and hardware.

This is a manual mistake then. WaveLab 11 uses ZPlane Time Stretching.

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Ah, Zplane Elastique, then, which is the same as Cubase.