time stretching question

Hello, I have a question that may or may not be possible to do. I have an audio clip that is 90 BPM. when cubase is set at 90 BPM it is only 3 bars long and I need it to be 4 so that I can loop it. It hits 4 bars when I have the project tempo at 120 but that is not the tempo of the clip so the drums are waaaaay off, I could time stretch it up but then it is too fast. I have tried the expand with time stretch option under the pointer on the toolbar, but that slows the sample down meaning once again that the drums at 90 BPM are now too fast for this slowed down sample. Is there any way to get this thing to a loopable 4 bars at 90 BPM while not affecting the speed? I’m pretty new to this so I would greatly appreciate any help.

Are you saying the drum clip is only three bars? if so you cant fit 3 bars into 4!!!

You would need to copy one bar out of the 90bpm 3 bar clip and paste it onto the clip, then it should be 4 bars and fit into 120bpm.

No it’s not the drum clip that is only 3 bars, It’s a guitar sample. The drum issue is that the guitar clip is at 90 BPM and when I stretch it, it slows it down meaning that the drums that I program at 90 BPM no longer match the guitar sample.

I am not quite sure if musical mode could solve that issue for you… If you declare the loop’s correct velocity it may work.

But if you time stretch, you either change the pitch or the velocity.
Think about: bla|bla|bla has 3 “bla”'s, one for each bar. Now how could this fit into four bars?
yes, but only if one part is streched
or artificial breaks are inserted, so you change the rhythmical structure of the loop. Either way you have to change the dynamic of the loop to fit into 4 bars.
With Cubase 5 & Variaudio you can pretty much play with your guitar sample, and see if you manage to set hitpoints and change them to make your sample fit into 4 bars, manually. But you can’t have all rhythmic integrity by making the sample longer without pitchshifting is (I think) asked for too much.
(Therefore it’s called time-stretching, by stretching audio material you make it pitch-lowered and slowered… you can again re-pitch tha audio but not have it faster…)

Would be nice though, but I am not quite sure if Cubase or any program can handle that properly :wink:

He’s just saying the clip takes up three bars on import, not that it’s a three bar part.

OP, what does the pool report the tempo of the clip as upon import, before any timestretch? What mode is the track you’re importing to in, musical or linear?

agreed, it was just an assumption…
though he says the clip’s at 90 bpm and with cubase velocity 90bpm it’s 3 bars long. must not mean it is structural 3 bars. (Though highly probable: assume you have a 3 bar 4/4 you’ve got 12 beats. you will never be able to fit that into 4 bars 4/4, only 4 bars 3/4 but if the pronounciation of the loop is on 4/4 it will sound strange)…