Time stretching 'whoops' and 'whooshes?'

Anyone up to a quick tutorial on how to time stretch non rhythmic material to a specific time period?

I’ve got a bunch of whoops, whooshes, blatz and buzzoids that are never exactly the length I wish they were. In a given project I can figure out how long they are in seconds and how long I’d like them to be.

How do you timestretch from one time constant to another?


I usually just hit “1” two times on my keyboard to change the pointer to time stretch mode and then drag the edge of the sample to the desired length

:astonished: Gee, isn’t there some more complicated way to do it so I could beach and moan?

TY … you sneaky devil. :smiling_imp:


haha no problem bro

btw, this trick works on midi events too in case you have a white noise or upriser synth you want to stretch or shrink