Time to include freeze of groups soon?

Time to include freeze of groups soon?

I can’t for the best of me see why this hasn’t been included long ago.

I often record my bass guitar dry on 4 different mono audio tracks, this to easily be able to comp «perfect» takes.
I then send these to one or more groups. On these groups I apply software bass amps, compressors, eq’s etc
Needless to say these bass groups can get quite cpu intensive.

Now; It can’t be that hard to include a freeze button on the groups too?
I’d say that it would be perfectly possible to program the group freeze function so that everything to the left (meaning coming into the group) of the group is also freezed with it.

I must say that I am a bit flabbergasted that this hasn’t been included, after all basic freeze functionality was already included in sx1 :astonished:

Do you good people agree with me that this would be a great feature to have and that it should be included sometime soon?
I personally think that this functionality should be made available to us within the life cycle of Cubase 6.

What about you guys?

All the best, Kim


Perhaps this could be made into a poll?

+1 Agree

I often work in a similar way, routing several dry mono tracks to a group and it would be nice to be able to freeze the group as you describe. So, yes please :slight_smile:

Well, sigh… again:

Steinberg should imho rather discard freeze at all and introduce a record button on every type of audio track.

Just my 2 cents worth.



The freeze function could use some love.

On second thought…

Normally when I am recording VST instruments in real time I must include an audio “tail” otherwise a click may result (sometimes it happens anyway).

I don’t really use freeze but if something like a render/record button were made it would save time but if it doesn’t stop audible artifacts then how much effort is it worth.


It would be a handy addition for me as I often have dozens of backing vocals going to groups or multiple groups - they can hit the hard disc quite hard en masse! Sure I can bounce them down, but freeze would do the trick quite neatly.


I freeze channels and leave groups live. i don’t think it would make much sense to be able to freeze groups…
say you had 5 audio channels sent to 1 group… freeze the group… then you cant adjust the channels levels etc… easier to just bounce the group to audio…

an improvement to freeze would be… batch freezing… being able to freeze multiple tracks at the same time
this would be massive :slight_smile:

In my example, freezing channels wouldn’t ease the demand on the hard drive, freezing groups (and disabling assigned channels) would do of course


perhaps your circumstances are different but personally hard drive speed has never been an issue for me. even with a massisve track count…

True it’s generally not an issue for me either, but I just mixed a track with multiple sets of harmonies each moving differently - and therefore each harmonic thread subgrouped, I had a mass of vstis and romplers running too from various drives. Also multiple recordings of a small string ensemble (10 passes all in stereo) and around 10 guitar tracks each also mic’ed in stereo. It was quite elaborate!

I noticed that CPU rose significantly at each chorus and the drive meter started to show some movement.

I had no actual problem, just the feeling that I was close to limits. A quick freeze of each choral group and maybe the strings would have been a super quick way of maintaining a healthy safety margin in all areas.

So for me (at least occasionally) it would be handy



Both group freeze is handy and also that you can select multiple tracks and then with a one click you can make them freeze. Not one at the time, too many clickin. But def both functions are more than welcome, you guys are just watching all this from the top of your mountain.Imean if it is doable then lets have them both and we all be happy! even logic can do that…

I see you, but different people different needs.
In my (very much real world) example I have 4 dry bass mono channels each channel containing parts of the song going into a stereo group with software amp etc.
So for me being able to freeze the group would be a time and cpu saver.

And yes, I know I can export the bass group, re import and turn off the original channels + the group with the cpu heavy plugs… but why do it this way when it can be made easier by implementing a “group + everything to the left of it in the mixer” freeze?

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

+1 for group freeze.


I often have my most demanding plugins on group tracks (amps, voice groups etc.)

+1 for this function

also, bouncing would not be sufficient, because bypassed VSTs mostly also consume a lot of CPU. so you would have to create a new project.

+1 for group / fx freeze please.