Time to say Goodbye

to Sibelius?

Some time ago I wrote a positive review for Dorico

(pages 5-7)

Back then some features were still missing to me. Some of it has been realized in the meantime. For my current (and also planned) projects I am still missing the following two points:

  1. introduction of a basso continuo numbering and
  2. introduction of more than one articulation marking on top of each other. z.B. Marcato. This is for example essential for modern scores of composers like Ligeti!
    Is there going to be a solution soon?

Hi Wolfgang!

Just wondering : by basso continuo numbering, do you mean figured bass? I just wrote some vocal scores with figured bass using text-tool and the figured bass page of the SMuFL site, but I admit a proper implementation would be awesome (especially when transposing…)

Yes, figured bass

We certainly plan to add figured bass in future. Multiple articulations of the same kind is a bit difficult to fit into the way Dorico currently thinks about articulations, but I daresay we can come up with a solution in future. In the meantime I hope that using Shift+X text is not too onerous a workaround: you can use the ‘Music text’ character style and then paste in characters from Bravura Text; you may need to increase the size to 20pt to make the dimensions match the “real” articulations.

Thanks, Daniel! Good news!