Time to say "thank you"

For some time now we experience a great change on the forum for which we did not yet - as far as I see - express our appreciation: Since C12 there are Steinberg Employees/Responsibles present in the forum quite intensively. Matthias - who did this in the past, but has definitely increased his engagment, Jochen for the Midi Remote - and others. This is a highly welcome change and I really appriciate the effort. Even in situation where we stumble over problems and issues with cubase it gives a quite pleasant feeling to see that Steinberg Staff is here with us! I love that - so MANY THANKS for that!



Funny, I was thinking about the exact same thing right now and wanted to start a thread, but found yours first! :slightly_smiling_face:
Here’s what I was going to write:

Just wanted to say thanks to the entire Steinberg Team.
Especially for the improved communication and support, how they listen more and more to feature requests and implement them and how they manage updates and announcements lately. Heck, there are even coming new features with maintenance updates.
It really feels they care a lot more now, compared to some years ago (I’ve been a user since C5/C6). Also in this world full of subscriptions it is much appreciated, that Steinberg did not go that way.
Yeah, there are a lot of things to improve, my list of FRs and bug fixes is not short, but I feel we are heading in a good direction.

I just felt there was a need for a thread like this.
Keep up the good work!



I noticed that, too, and it is very much welcome.
If i had one wish (i know…), it would be a bit more communication especially regarding feature requests. As i just wrote in the “gapless audio engine” thread, there have been several long standing feature requests, some of them highly voted either here or in previous polls. I think it would be very positive if SB could acknowledge those. We can’t and don’t expect all feature requests to be implemented immediately, but just maybe a comment why perhaps this or that feature isn’t actually as easy to implement as the layman thinks, or that another is being considered, but not guaranteed. A lot of people can be very understanding with a reasonable explanation, and i think it could help prevent frustration.

Oh, and while we’re at it, kudos to the mods, too. Always fair and balanced (as far as I can observe). And Martin Jirsaks patience with even the absurdest or hard to understand question is admirable!


Yes, indeed… Martin is a Gem. Patient and polite - and knowledgeable.
So thanks to him as well! (even though my intention with the given thread was to point out the changed presence-paradigma of Steinberg Employees in the forum!).


+1 Thanks!

I echo this sentiment. Software is hard - Cubase is a complex product with lots of legacy, and it needs to work in an ecosystem of an exponential combination of PC/Mac configurations, plus a large number of 3rd party plug ins that Steinberg has no control over. It’s impossible to get complete test coverage for the combinatorial explosion of edge cases/use cases, so gathering and acting on feedback from forums such as this is key to get the product right. And the more constructive this feedback is, the sooner these bugs get fixed, so thank you to everybody who is contributing this constructive feedback, and thank you to the Steinberg folks who are acting on it!

Thanks to Martin of course… but I’m thrilled to see the Steinberg team posting here. (with stuff that mostly goes over my head, but still…)

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Me too…

+1, thank you.

+1 from me too

+100 :slight_smile: