Time to upgrade to Elements (any advice and personal preferences..)

Now that I see the option for upgrade bringing it down from $164 to $82 rather than the full only option (which I cannot still understand how I did not see that after all my navigation’s to inspect the price to buy it??my bad eye sight or something (haha). anyway the fact it is there is …great news for me. On another note, although I have about 64 GB free on my main C:// and about 1.5 TB free on my secondary hard drive (which I actually use for all my project files to save to , although Cubase still and PC uses an approach to access files that are on the main C:// whilst also running files (Connected) to projects in the second hard drive with all the space on it (1.5 TB). I was having one last thought about hoping that any upgrade to Elements will not have any unsuspected impacts on the functional optimal operation of running smoothly. Is there any more advice or anyone else who would like to add anything important about how to ensure when doing an upgrade it will preserve optimal operation, or other steps that can improve it. As I can see, there are always posts about this and that with regards to issues with cubase and I know it is not necessarily always Cubase’s problem most of the time it will be the set up of the computers people personally are using that will impact on the smooth working. So with that in mind…I will look forward to some additional vst for use with my midi keyboard for instrument sounds (any recommendations of preferred one’s you/others may have or use? Cheers. All the best guys, hopefully this new year and rest of year is not too much of a drag, I now it can be with all this %**$$ $ going on and media (news) % & #* etc but stay strong.
Regards AJ


Unfortunately we don’t know, from which version do you want to upgrade. Obviously, it’s Cubase LE or Cubase AI edition. I expect, you are going to go to higher version, because there is no Cubase LE or AI 11 (yet?), but there is Cubase Elements 11 already.

In general, Cubase LE, AI and Elements is only one executable file. Just the license decides, which features are available. So if you upgrade less then 2 major versions up, even the preferences will be migrated from your old Cubase LE/AI to Cubase Elements 11.

I don’t expect any problems.

Hi Martin, Yep Cubase LE AI 9 I am upgrading from. SO that would mean my preferences will be migrated…cool. Question, if I get it and realize (shit) there is issues, can I go back to the cubase 9 if I get in contact. (or I could look at the trial version? I’ve never done a trial before so I will look into that right now type in for a few reviews etc and know what to expect, otherwise I should be moving forward accordingly. Thanks for your help and any advice on top of this. Kind Regards,


Yes, of course, you can keep your Cubase 9 installed. If anything doesn’t work as expected, you can go back any time.

Thanks mate , good to know

Hi Martin, just to clarify…Are you stating I can go back to Cubase LE AI 9 any time if it is a purchase and I am not happy for the upgrade. Or are you stating that I can trial it and go back. Please provide that answer if you can (thank you) .
I just wanted you to know that by getting upgrade it would be because I trust in Cubase and like you 'don’t anticipate any problems, however in the case that there is dissatisfaction (unlikely [but perhaps possible to be a skeptic etc) then can I go back to cubase LE AI 9? Cheers. Adman
I have to also ask because as it says ’ yes I can keep my cubase 9 installed [as you have written is that when I upgrade or trial too?) ta, thanks ( I wish I asked a few days ago as I want to get this sorted today, but I’be been away a few days. THanks


If you are owner of Cubase Elements 11 license, you can start any older Cubase Elements version, i.e. Cubase Elements 10.5, 10, 9.5, 9,… So if anything would go wrong with Cubase Elements 11 on your system, you can start Cubase Elements 9 back in any time.

It’s the same with the Trial version. If you have Cubase Elements 11 Trial license, you can start any older Cubase Elements with it, i.e. Cubase Elements 10.5, 10, 9.5, 9,… Once the Cubase Elements 11 Trial license, you can start your old Cubase (you have license to) only again.

Yeah hi thanks Martin, I get is so for both I can go backwards but to elements earlier versions if necessary. I guess the point being why would I go back to LE AI when I can go backwards with a elements (which of course is a better version). I just updated my audio driver to the 2.0.4 Yamaha USB Steinburg Driver, i guess that needed that for a wee while now. So far not having any audio drop outs which is good. . Yeah thanks Martin, you have cleared up some questions I may have come across and I know a bit about my options now, so thank you. I am going for the trial as we speak, but I anticipate to make the purchase sooner rather than later so long as it works as I anticipate. Thanks once again