Time warp and fixed BPM problem

Hi all, first post!

I’m writing music to picture (midi and recorded audio) but i am also placing existing audio cues into the project.

I am using time warp to manipulate tempo and downbeat position for each cue i am writing; the tempo of some cues are set in stone and cannot be changed.

My problem starts when i use the warp tool to align the downbeat to picture but i can’t seem to set the tempo to the required BPM without changing marker and region positions later in the project.

EG-A pre-existing cue is 100bpm and needs to start at 20.5s, when i use the time warp and set the downbeat where it needs to be then set the BPM to 100 it all works fine but pushes regions/markers out of place further into the track.

I notice that when i use the timewarp tool the region/marker postion does not change but i can’t set the BPM to exactly 100 as required; but if i do set the BPM value manually it moves regions/markers later in the project.

What am i missing? Please don’t tell me i need Nuendo! (please!).