Time warp and markers problem

Hey guys,

I’m still learning Cubase properly and while I’ve read the manual twice, I still occasionally come across a problem or two. I’m trying to build a tempo map on a project I’m currently working on. After inserting markers on wanted cue start points, I click on Time Warp tool and then align those markers with downbeats (snap to events is on). Marker track is also changed to linear instead of musical mode. And then after I finish with inserting all markers, little triangles with tempo values are indicated on the master ruler which is bars and beats.

My problem is following: after I try to change tempo between, say marker 2 and 3, the latter wanders around depending on tempo change. I want it to be fixed on a downbeat while I change tempo and find out which tempo I want at all…and to allow me to change tempo down the road. What is the way to lock markers on downbeats while changing tempi when using time warp mode?

I’m sure that I’m missing something really stupid…please help. :slight_smile:

I also included a video of the following problem here:


Thanks a lot in advance!


Toggle you Marker track to the Musical mode too.

Hey Martin,

Thanks for the reply. Putting Marker track in Musical mode instead of Time linear locks the markers on bars, but then marker positions don’t match their original position in video…where I want them to be in the first place. :neutral_face:


Yes, you are right.

So, how should be your markers locked in? If you togle it to the Musical mode, Markers will stay on the same bar (but changes the time). If you set it to the Linear mode, Markers will stay on the same time (but changes bars).

It’s not possible to use both of them. It’s logical, when you are changing tempo.

Try to add Ruler Track. Set the main ruler to bars + Beats, and the Ruler Track to the Timecode. Now, change the tempo. You will see, what happens with markers, bars and time.

I understand that some compromise is needed, but I was just wondering what’s the best way to align markers to beat while preserving their position.

I came across this tutorial - http://audio.tutsplus.com/tutorials/arrangement/how-to-set-music-to-film-using-markers-timewarp-in-cubase-4/ and while it’s pretty good and shows some nice tricks, especially the step 16, I can’t replicate that step without tempo track going wild and jumping to 300 bpm between those 2 markers. Very confusing.

As I can see, marker #6 is on 31.1 bar. So if you move the Marker #5 to the 29.bar, there should be problem with 300bpm, or so.