Time Warp doesn't move the events with it. [+VIDEO]

I’m trying to move events along with Time Warp (events follow). But it acts like the normal Time Warp, that keeps the events position.

Here’s a video I’ve captured.

What may be the problem?

Link broken.

Works from here when logged off, so it should work.

The “problem” might be that it is not “events follow”, but “musical events follow”, which yours obviously don´t seem to be.

Thinkingcap’s reply reads here like it’s the “wrong way round”… but I know what he means :wink:
You do indeed have “Musical Events Follow” activated (as seen in the video), but, what I cannot see from the video… and this may be the problem… is that the MIDI track should be set to Musical Timebase rather than Linear Timebase (“quarter-note” icon rather than “clock” icon). I have just tried here, and, indeed, when the MIDI track is set to Linear TImebase, it behaves like in your video, but when set to Musical Timebase, it works the way you want it :wink:.

re-reading my post: Yes it seems formulated a little ambigous - I meant “the events don’ t seem to be musical”, not " the events don’ t seem to be not following"… :blush:

Thanks guys! That was it.