Time Warp (PlsHlp!)

I have played and recorded live (by hands on synth :wink: ) some 5 tracks for orchestration. Of course there is some feelings and flyings, therefore tempo is varying from 50 to 57 bpm. Then I used Time Warp tool to set bar margins to the notes and all is okay. Now what I should do if I want that one part of composition is played a little bit faster or slower? By moving points of tempo track’s envelope I change tempo track’s accordance to recorded notes, not playing speed.

There should be something like “locking bar to tempo points” or something like that?

Please, Help!

Set the tempo definition for the tracks from the tempo track.

Do you think I didn’t do that?

First of all you didn’ t give very much useful info, so I had to start somewhere :unamused: and since that function is for audio only IIRC - no, you probably didn’t.
So now that we seem to be talking about MIDI only !? Did you set the tracks to musical timebase?

Musical timebase (Musical Mode?) can be set only on audio, no? I cannot find that button for MIDI I saw for audio tracks.

And I think Time Warp is not fot audio only. I saw how Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL, “MAD MAX” composer) is working and he is doing the same - every bar have own speed, because recorded live and then tempo track addapted to notes.

I just ask how I can change speed somewhere if needed.

No. And “musical timebase” is not “musical Mode” they are two different things.

Nowhere did I say that. I said that the “set definition from tempo track” (or whatever it is called exactly) function is for audio only.

As I wrote