Time Warp

Hi. I seemed to have warped the time of my track by mistake and since I’ve never time warped a track before I’m not sure how to undo whatever it is that I have done. The first bar of my project is speeded up and after the first bar, the tempo slows back to normal. Now, I have opened up the time warp grid and can visibly see the hit points but even after deleting them my track still begins at speed until after the first bar. Can anyone help? :frowning:


My project also no longer aligns with the grid. I don’t understand what happened or why deleting the hit points makes no difference. Even if I set the tempo again at the original speed for the whole track the first bar always plays at speed. It’s like invisibly automated. I never noticed it at first as it only shows a slight change which wasn’t audibly detectable but after I moved my track along to build an intro it then sped up the first bar significantly and as soon as it hits the second bar it changes to the tempo that is set. Now, if I then move my midi regions back the first bar still remains at this faster tempo.

There is an eraser tool that lets you delete each tempo value in the ruler, when they’re all deleted then the Time Warp will be gone.

There is also possibly a list of tempo changes you can lasso and delete, I’d peck around a while for that if you have a lot of temp points to delete.

This is the problem. I discovered that there were 2 tempo points in the ruler and I did, in fact, delete them but for some reason, it makes no difference on playback. The first bar still plays at a faster tempo even though there are no tempo points.

What does the tempo indicator in transport tell you is happening. Does the actual tempo change after those bars or not??

Initially, the transport indicator says my track is at a tempo of 31.034 and it should be 40, however after the first bar it changes to 42.023 Now, if I look at the ruler I can see this change marked out in two tempo points, so I basically delete the marker numbered 42 and then the marker numbered 32 changes to 40 however if I then press play the track starts at a faster tempo than 40 despite the ruler and the transport indicator reading a tempo of 40, then once the play head hits bar two the track changes to an actual tempo of 40.

the grid also no longer matches my midi sequences. My midi patterns now finish just before the end of a bar on the grid (visually) but to the ear everything sounds fine.

Try this: Right click the track list and add a tempo track. Delete all points in the track except the one at bar 0 which won’t delete.
Type in 140 to the box in the track list.

Oh…and de-select the timewarp tool in toolbar before you make it worse!

If you can’t work it out, zip and upload the cpr (no audio)and I’ll take a look.

From what I can see here.

  1. IF I delete tempo changes on the WARP RULER the tempo is still changing like he says.
  2. If I toggle Timbase between Musical to LINEAR, it still seems to have the SAME issue which is odd as that is supposed to change the playback mode for the track.
  3. If I Command P and spent he pool then uncheck the musical box the issue goes away which makes sense.

**This is assuming adding a tempo track and deleting anything there by range selecting all the tempo changes if any and also erasing the tempo markers on the WARP RULER using Shift + Click which brings up the eraser tool.

ALSO: I think when you click and hold on the TIME WARP tool up top there is an option to have musical events follow the time warp you are doing.

I tried that Grim and once I press play it automatically changes the tempo for the first bar and then plays even slower on the second. Whatever I set the tempo to it just changes automatically as soon as I press play. Do you mean upload the cubase file with the audio removed?

Yes just the cpr (cubase project file) no need to remove anything. Just copy the cpr out of the folder.
If there’s one audio file that runs from the start and shows the out of timeness maybe include that (file will prob be too big for forum upload in that case)

I’m still on 9 but here if select timewarp and move my grid around, deleting those markers puts me back to a fixed tempo which I can then set to whatever I want…all as expected.
I’m talking about the actual tempo of the project rather than any tempo perceived by stretching of audio that may have happened if you used timewarp musical events follow, then switched to non follow before removing them.
Not 100% sure if you are talking about what you hear or the reported tempo which would be really odd…unless there are some tempo events you have missed when deleting.

Uughh…it’s a mess. Nothing is aligned until bar 8…and even that makes no sense if we assume your intro is 8 bars so it should start at 9. Hard to get a handle on where stuff should be as I don’t hear the correct instruments either…maybe not helped by it being gone midnight now.
I’ll take another look and have a think tomorrow but this isn’t going to be easy…maybe exporting midi files as is and re-importing without tempo could work but may need to be done for every slice and you’re slicing events between every chord in parts so could end up lots of work.

Can you just confirm that the individual tracks are in time with each other all the way through that section?

Yes. Everything was in time. Everything was quantized with the grid. The only thing I did was add some swing at one stage. I have absolutely no idea what happened or why it seems to ignore what I tell it to do in terms of tempo. I think I’ll just start again, seems like the easier option.

Yeah. I would remove all tempo markers and then in tempo track/process bars cut to the point after the intro.
Then you can insert 8 bars at start and redo just the intro.

Thanks for your time Grim, appreciated! :smiley:

Top tip, always use Save As… and give each version a new name (e.g. V001, V002), then you can go back. There also a feature for Cubase to do this automatically, Save New Version. Loads of times I’ve reverted to a previous version after messing up the tempo map, it’s tricky to get your head around sometimes!!