Time Warping Rendered Instrument Tracks

I have Cubase 11 running on a Windows PC. In my current project, I created an instrument track using HALion SE referencing a chord track. I then rendered that track and now have that data as an ordinary audio track.

I want to be do some time warping to sharpen up the timing for the chord changes. I have deleted the Instrument track, I am soloing on the resulting audio track, and hear this instrument play fine. I then double click on that audio track to open up the warping window.

When I attempt to warp this track, though, the changes do not take. The graphic for the audio file slides forward and back, both in the bottom window and in the main work space. However, audibly, the track does not change timing at all. Again, I am soloing on this track so there isn’t some artifact that I’m hearing instead.

When I work in the lower window, there’s that little drop down window that names the track being adjusted. However, even though I double clicked on the intended audio track (let’s say it’s been renamed “Piano”), that little drop down does not indicate Piano. Instead it states C-4 which I assume is some reference to the Instrument Track I have since deleted. Unfortunately, I can not find a way to have that window reference my Piano track.

Thoughts on how to solve for this?


I don’t know the reason, but my workflow would be different.

I would fresh and drop the Chord Events from the Chord Track to the Instrument Track. This would create the MIDI Events on the Instrument Track, which you can then easily move.

Thanks for the quick response. And I may have to go that route. I would very much prefer, however, to be able to make adjustments to a converted audio track. I not only want to slide the chord changes forward and back, I also want to do some volume changes, fades, etc. While this can also be done to the instrument track, it can be done much more precisely and far quicker/easier if I can do it to an audio track.

More than anything, I’m not sure why I am experiencing this; if I’m double clicking on an audio track to edit it and the bottom window opens, how is it not that track that is being edited? And why does it not reference itself correctly in the name window? And am I missing some simple setting somewhere that will allow this to work?


Volume changes can be done in MIDI too (individual on every single note).

But to your original problem… Could you make a video, please? Maybe we will see something unusual.