Timebase Issue

First off, I know this is being posted in the wrong forum. I am unable to post under the Cubase 5 Forum because of a glitch in my registration, which I’ve already sent a support request in for. However, I’m on a tight deadline and can’t wait up to 48 hours for a reply on that before seeking a reply on this, so I’m hoping someone might be able to migrate this to the proper forum location, or simply answer it here… any help appreciated!

On to my (other) current issue:

I use Cubase for music composition, and regularly use the Timewarp tool, in addition to toggling the timebase between musical and linear. I’ve been doing both without issue for years, regularly dragging and dropping midi events from one section to another, where they maintain their musical length (in bars), so they can continue to be easily musically edited.

All of a sudden today, though, the length isn’t being maintained, whether I use “musical” OR “linear”, and I can’t think of what if anything else I’ve changed since my last project.

I created a screenshot to illustrate my issue a little easier:

I’ve got a 4-bar event in BLUE at a slower tempo at bar 131. I should be able to drag it to bar 141 (if the timebase is set to musical) and have it still be 4 bars, as the YELLOW one appears.

However, when set to “musical” it drags and drops (or copies and pastes) as GREEN, and when I switch to “linear”, it pastes as the ORANGE one. The only way I can achieve the YELLOW event is to manually use “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” - not so bad for just one event, but completely debilitating when duplicating fully orchestrated sections.

The GREEN event seems to be about the same length as the blue, but the ORANGE one makes no sense at all to me, and nothing I do seems to be able to get it to maintain its length in bars and actually keep my notes lined up to the beats.

Client waiting… please help!

You know that moment when you resolve an issue you’ve been grappling with for two hours, immediately after sending out multiple requests for help?

Is there a shortcut key for changing the time-signature? I must have hit it… it was set to 6/8 beginning at bar 141.

Thanks for reading anyway… hope this generates a smile or two. :blush: