Timecode as well as Bar on my Markers list

Can anyone help on this , I am trying to show Timecode as well as Bar on my Markers list

You can use ruler tracks for that.

OK thanks , I have set up the rule track . but was looking for a list of TimeCode . is that possible


Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 18.40.00


I do not believe it is possible to show both musical as well as timecode in this list.
If you change your main ruler from bars/beats to timecode, does the marker list show timecode?


Perfect thanks Steve. So I can now see Tc list if I change main Ruler. and for anyone else needing help , it seem I just click on the min Ruler its self to change . Again I find this very odd coming from Logic , I used to make and use this list as my main cue sheet , but while working alway snapping to Bar/Beats … so will have to have a re-think … after just 3 days I am loving Cubase and don’t seem me going back :slight_smile: