Timecode, Dorico adds an hour

When setting the timecode for my video, Dorico adds an hour to the start-point. Does Dorico read something from the codec in the videofile? I have exported an mp4 from Pro Tools (without replacing the timecode, which is an option in Pro Tools´ bounce-options).

Video start offset specifies how far through the video it should start playing back. Is your video actually more than one hour and 11 minutes long?

Yes, the film is 93 minutes. I noticed now that 1 hour minus 10 seconds have been added. Could it be related to the start-point, which is 00 59 50 00, ie 10 seconds before 01 00 etc… ?

My recollection of exactly how Dorico determines the initial value for Video start offset is murky, I’m afraid (Dorico 2 was a couple of years ago now) but there should be no impediment to you entering whatever value you like in that control, provided it is within the total duration of the video.

But what is going on here? There is a bug?
Dorico adds 50 minutes to the Video Start Offset…

Perhaps you can share the video file with me privately? Send it using WeTransfer or similar, and I can take a look.

Fwiw, it is customary to start timecode at one hour to allow a few count-in bars (think of the academy trailer with the clock counting down, the audio pop, etc.). Pro Tools and other programs cannot ‘handle’ negative time, so industry standard is to start at one hour. See the article below for more background.

Hi, Peter_Roos! So, what are you suggesting? My video starts at 00:59:50:00 (printed timecode), as does my Dorico project. You mean I should tell Dorico to start at 01:00:00:00, and then make up for the lost 10 seconds as I go?

As far as I remember, this seems to work as expected. Timecode start is the timecode at the start of the video, not at the start of the flow. Thus, if the timecode is 00:59:50 at the start of the video, at 01:11:16:00 (which is flow position 0) the timecode will be 02:11:06:00.

Right, thanks. I will see if I can bounce a quicktime in Protools with replaced timecode so I don ´t have to do the math on every scene;)