Timecode Formatting Options?

Hi, all,

Are there options for the display of the timecode? Specifically, I would like to be able to hide the frame numbers and just have hours/minutes/seconds displayed. I searched the forum already and couldn’t find anything about it.



Welcome to the forum, MB. No, there’s no way to display just hours/minutes/seconds in the score: you can display the time without frames (but with thousandths of a second) in both the mini-transport on the toolbar and the Transport window, but not in the score itself.

Frankly, it would also be nice JUST to display the text information I’ve added for each timecode (not the timecode numbers themselves), since I’m basically using the Markers as a convenient way to get around a large score (by clicking on them in the Markers window)…(my two cents)…

  • D.D.

Yes, I agree using markers more as a kind of bookmark so without any time code showing. It would be even better to have bookmarks on top of the windows next to the tabs, but maybe that would become to confusing.