Timecode in, from Asia Audio Device?

Hi, I want to set up my Nuendo to slave to incoming timecode, but can this be an audio signal coming into my audio interface ?

i.e. can I set up one of my inputs to be used as LTC signal in ?

There is an option in sources, and timecode Source, ASIO Audio Device, but it is greyed out… and I can find no info about this in the manual…

Any ideas ?

Nuendo by itself does not convert LTC into positional information but there are a number of third party utilities that do.

For positional information using any third party synchronization device Nuendo only understands MTC and outboard hardware converts the LTC into MTC which is selected in the Synchronization setup. In your case you want to use a software utility to do the same thing -

  • Launch your third party software utility
  • Select it’s input as your audio hardware input
  • Set up a MTC bus to output into (different between Macs and Windows)
  • Launch Nuendo and select that as your MTC source.

Works well depending on the accuracy of your LTC>MTC converter software.


Thanks Hugh, I’ll try to find one sw based version.

Lockstep from figure53 works really nicely.


Worked perfectly. Thanks.

Lockstep works well, we use it extensively. A number of years ago I did testing of 4 different utilities for this application, testing each one with Nuendo. We did 10 passes of each one then looked at max/min offset, average and mean variation, and absolute accuracy. Lockstep performed the best at that time varying a maximum of 1ms with average variation of less than 0.25ms. They were compared against a PTHD with SyncHD, known to be accurate.
The absolute offset will most likely be your A/D converter, not necessarily completely compensated for.