Timecode lp and cubase


I have Cubase 7.5, UR44 and win 7 os.

I just bought this Traktor scracth MK2 timecode LP. Im using it with VirtualDJ(trial) and having alot of fun with that.
My LP player is a Audio Technica LP120 with a green concorde and its connected thru usb.

So far im playing my beat with cubase and running VDJ on top of that while recording my scratch in VDJ. Then put that scratch recording into cubase and sync it up.

Ive noticed a message when i drop timecode scratched audio files into Cubase, some message about the warp function. Are they using the same type of “technology”? Can i connect them and warp a sample “live”?

Whats the best way to do this? What software, vst, hardware do I need to make this recordable in cubase?

Im not really sure what im asking about to be honest. How does this work?

Thx in advance

Hi and welcome,

in Cubase you have 3 different options, in fact. The 1st one is the Time Warp, which matches the grid (the tempo) with your loop.

The 2nd one is the AudioWarp, which is the time-stretch of the Audio signal. You can change the position of hits in the audio loop, for example. So if you do this, the left part of the signal from the AudioWarp marker is stretched-in, and the right part is stretched-out (or vice versa, regarding to your direction), at the same time. So the length of the loop (same as the pitch) is still the same, and you can move hits inside.

The 3rd option is Time Stretch itself, where you can change the tempo (or length) of the loop, without changing the pitch.

I expect, Steinberg and NI is using its own (different) technology behind. They don’t share it.

I hope, I explained, what the “Warp” means, in Cubase.