Timecode Markers Incorrectly Placed

I’ve got a number of tempo changes. If I position the playhead anywhere within the first tempo region and hit Shift+Opt+M for a marker, the timecodes shown in the add marker dialog and the transport are the same. So far so good.

If I now move the playhead later in the project past where additional tempo changes have been placed and attempt to add a marker, the two timecodes are out. I have to manually input the correct timecode into the add marker dialog. Is this correct operation or should the correct timecode be added irrespective of what tempo changes exist?

The timecode in the dialog should always match the timecode at the playhead position. Can you attach a simple example project that reproduces the problem?

I closed and opened the project again and it is now working correctly. Looks like the timecode offset of approx 5 secs was picked up after coming out of hibernation on my mac. I normally leave Dorico open and then force sleep with ctl+shift+eject. I’ll monitor if this issue happens again after coming out of sleep mode.