TimeCode Out of Sync with Supervision

I recently had an issue where the project video timecode would not line up with the timecode in Supervision over the duration of a project timeline. My framerate was set to 23.98. By changing the framerate to 24, the problem went away, and all the timecodes were in sync across the entire timeline of the project. Attached are photos before I solved the problem. I feel that no matter the framerate, the timecode should remain in sync no matter the framerate used. Perhaps there can be an update for this issue within Supervision or Nuendo on a whole?

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You are right! At the odd values 23.98 fps, 24.98 fps and 29.97 (d)fps and 59.94 fps, the video window shows a different timecode. Only at even frame rates do all the displays match.

Unbelievable that this has not yet been noticed! (Me neither. And I work with it every day.) :scream:

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Which one is right?

The video timecode is correct (00:47:59:08), and the timecode represented in the supervision screen is not.

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Are you sure? Unfortunately, I didn’t think to test this yesterday. What I did notice, however, is that the timecode in the video window is always different. So if it shows the correct timecode, then not only the display in SuperVision is wrong, but also all the information in the project window (e.g. the ruler).

But I don’t want to start a rumour. So I will do another test tonight.

@KYRRHOF, can you please tag this thread “issue”?

It seems indeed that something isn’t quite right in SuperVision’s Time module for those frame-rates (non integer values or with dropped frames). I have created a bug entry (CAN-45974) and will be able to fix the issue soon. I can’t say when the fix will be publicly released though.


@jbrolland , Thanks so much!!!

Great! Thank you for responding so quick! :heart_eyes:

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