Timecode value and ruler

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would it be possible to get the displayed timecode value from the actual file loaded including fps settings? I’m recording a lot with my zoom f8 (writes timecode to every file) and need the timecode to sync to video in post. In addition it would be awesome if (for example) I shorten the the beginning of a file, or cut a file it into separate parts, the timecode would stay correct on every clip. Right now it starts at zero again, or if I shorten the beginning the ruler stays the same and only the samples move, resulting in an offset.

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Are you speaking about BWF timestamp?
Could this be of interest to you:

It’s kind of what I would like to have. Here is an example:

  • I open a polywav (multi mono) in Wavelab, set the ruler to timecode and set the offset to BWF Time Stamp. Works perfectly.
  • There is one part I would like to change for any reason. I make a selection, grab the clip, move it into a montage, but now all BWF Time Stamps seem to be lost. Timecode starts at
  • No it gets worse: I move another stereo file from the same recording, so timecode is synced, into the montage and do what you suggested. The new stereo file gets moved to its correct position, let’s say 01:08:24:16, but the moved clip still has and there is no sync. While moving the clip the metadata seems to be lost.

Wow, quite complicated…

Your needs are a little be complicated to figure out. It would be helpful if you could do a small video, or make screenshots with comments.

Ok, I will do that a little later.

Thank you for your time and looking into that.

Ok, here comes a quick video. I hope this works:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-08 um 12.49.33

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Thanks for taking the time to make this interesting video.
I note this legitimate request for a future update (but this can’t be 11.0.30).

Wonderful, thank you for taking the time.