Timecodes and Markers

Hello, so I never used timecode and Markers in Dorico until now and I have no idea how to use them and even make them. The Dorico Website only talks about them but I can’t find where they say how to make and configure them. Could anyone please help me?

Here’s a starting point for markers, and here’s one for timecodes. Related links at the bottom of each page (and in the navigation bar on the left) will help you find related topics including steps for how to do/set-up each related thing.

I know about these pages, but these don’t help me because I just don’t understand how to use this information to actually make this on my score. That is what I am talking about.

Did you click on any of the relevant links at the bottom of the page Lillie posted?

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You can also expand the two chapters in the table of contents sidebar to look at other pages in those chapters, and see whether any of those get you started.

Probably the initial topics to go for are the ones towards the start of each chapter, namely “hiding/showing markers” (plus inputting markers, which is elsewhere in the manual but linked from the Markers intro topic) so you can get them appearing in your music, and refine exactly how/where/what you want to show from there.

Ok that makes a lot more sense! Thank you! I wasn’t trying to sound rude or anything, because of the autism I just don’t understand things and I need a lot of help.

Yes I did and some were just the same thing, so I didn’t check them all but now I figure out. I am not trying to sound rude or anything, I’m autistic, some things just don’t make any sense to me.

That’s great that you’re now heading in the right direction, @Mitchlg531. If it helps you understand the manual and navigate it more smoothly, here’s an introduction that describes how we segment information and how you can identify from the title what sort of information will be included on a page.