Timeformat Bug Cubase 12/13

Happy new year everyone,

little annoying bug that I have in Cubase 13 (also had it in 12 already):

When I change between projects in which I have different timeformats (for example one project with “timecode” as primary timeformat and one project with “bars and beats” as primary timeformat) the timeformat is saved within the projectfile (and loded when opening the project) but the timeline stays in the timeformat from the last opened project. So I have to remember switching the timeformat to whatever and then back to what I need to have the timeline updated to the wanted timeformat. Pretty annoying for example when you think you nudge some clips within Frames but in fact you are nudging them in 16th, even though the timeformat shows “Timecode”.

Can someone confirm this issue?


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I have a feeling, we discussed this already with all details.

Yes, I can confirm the issue.

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Hi Martin, sorry I could’t find this topic in the forum search!
Thanks for the confirmation, I hope this will be fixed some day by Steinberg :slight_smile:

I am also facing this annoying bug almost everyday. When you work and switch between videosync and music projects you have all the time this additional clicking…and there are many more.
I would pay another 100€ for an update only they finally “clean” this app from all this old little annoying bugs.
Please make once one update where no new stock compressor comes out but fix the long old bug list.
I think there are many quickly solvable bugs which do not cost the company much…
I look forward to this day and all users will be very grateful to you Steinberg!!

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