Timeframe for adjusting lyric baselines?

Just checking in on the timeline for manual vertical adjustment of lyric baselines (on a system-by-system basis). I know this has been discussed and is coming in the future, so I’m not trying to be the squeaky wheel.

My only reason for asking is that I’m preparing for another hymnal project, and I’m dependent on this feature. Wondering if I should start moving my hymnal templates over to Dorico in anticipation of this feature imminently, or if I should plan to use That Other Program for the time being.


Pre-emptive PS: I am aware of the existing options for lyric baselines. They’re great for my choral octavos and lead sheets, but not sufficient for retail-quality hymnal typesetting.

As things stand I don’t anticipate this being a part of the next update, I’m afraid, though it’s not impossible that we may be able to do something. The developer who would be the most natural fit for this work is both on a well-earned holiday at the moment and also in the middle of another (very exciting) feature for the next update.

Thanks. No problem, as I’m quite happy with my current Dorico usage… I love pulling orchestra parts off the printer and handing them out…

I’ll keep my existing hymnal workflow and keep an eye out!