Timeline Audio editing Issue

When I record a long audio take, and afterwards make new smaller recordings over the first take (punch in at several positions over the first)…There is a problem with editing (decreasing/increasing) the length of the first/long recording. When I stretch either its left or right handle in order to hide parts I don’t want, this long take comes on top of every smaller recording that was overdubbed and thus needed to be heard on top. If I have zoomed enough, many times I can’t see that the LAYERED order of the recordings have changed, making the arrangement a mess…

Is there a way I can avoid this? Am I doing something wrong. This did not happen in Cubase 5.

Thank you


Cubase 9 pro, Win7, i7 24GB

I don’t know if this is related, but since the 9.5 upgrade, when I Time Stretch a short section (sliced) of the original recording, Cubase overlays the edited short section over the original recording, so it’s stacked on top like an overdub. The original recording is also time stretched, just like the shorter part, so it’s not actually the “original” recording. It also introduces other time-stretch anomalies, so the whole thing just seems weird. I know I’m not helping solve your problem, but at least we know others are having similar types of issues. Good luck!