Timeline for updates?

Hello Dorico folks,

Thanks again for a beautiful product. However, I do need certain features before I can switch from Sibelius and use Dorico full time. I have a choral commission that is due at the end of November that I would love to deliver with Dorico’s engraving. But at this point, it would be missing all the very important playing techniques (see my other post) that I have composed into the piece already.

Any timeline for the updates? I know it’s a tough question, but it would be great to know if updates are coming in the next week or two, or are they months away?

Unless plans change significantly, which they certainly could, our current expectation is that the first update will be available before the end of November. It will certainly include the completion of the localisation of the software, and it will also include a number of performance improvements. Exactly what else it will include will depend on how we prioritise the feedback we have received so far, and I’m still catching up on everything that you have all been saying, so we’ll see how things look once I have done that and once we have discussed things as a team on Monday.

Thank you for the info! Very helpful :slight_smile:
Looking forward to it!

Presumably the schedule for the first update depends on how soon team members can stop spending 25 hours per day here helping users and spend time on the software itself. :smiley:

Fortunately I don’t do the programming (well, except for tiny bits here and there, and only under close supervision from the people who actually know what they’re doing)…

Well, you are certainly a godsend helping people here on the forum! Thank you!

Hi Daniel,
Any news on the release of the update? How will we know when it arrives; will you post the news on the forum, or will we get an email notification?


“Any news on the release of the update? How will we know when it arrives; will you post the news on the forum, or will we get an email notification?”

Already answered by Daniel, at least in part. It will be available here.

Not sure about e-mails.

Thanks, Chris.

Still hoping for a release date from Daniel since November is drawing to a close very soon.

It’ll be very soon. Keep an eye on the forum and on my blog.

Hi Daniel,

Hope all is well!
Is there any update on the release date for 1.0.30?

cheers from a very cold Montreal.

It won’t be too long now, certainly within the month of February, and hopefully in the first half of the month.

Or as my mother used to say, “When it’s ready, and not before!”

Or que sera sera.
(Sadly, my keyboard doesn’t have accents.)

Or, to quote Beethoven, ‘Es muss sein!’