Is there a “timeline navigator” in Dorico?

If I’m at bar 105, and i want to go to section “A” at bar 32, it there a timeline with all the rehearsal marks on, so that I can just click on the “A” and go there? If there isn’t, how are the more experienced members navigating their charts?

Thank you! (Having fun).

No timeline, but Ctrl-G allows you to jump to a particular bar.

There’s no timeline. I use Edit > Go To Bar. It deals with flows and bar numbers absolutely fine, though not rehearsal marks.

The only caveat is that if you’ve manually set up consecutive bar numbers through a multi-flow project (Flow 1 is bars 1-16, Flow 2 is bars 17-32, Flow 3 is bars 33-40 etc.) then Dorico cant help you out - you need to get both the right flow and a valid bar number or it does nothing.

Thank you, but, too many key-strokes … and who remembers exactly which bar the flute answers the vocal? :laughing:

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Hmmm! Work in progress. :wink:

This is a great idea, actually. This has to happen at some point.

I use Dorico’s Timecode Markers to do precisely this. You can even remove the actual timecode so they just contain text - such as section indicators or other useful marker points - to quickly jump to different point in a score. I should add, though, that this works best with projects for which the sections/number of bars/tempi are already established since the time code presumably is locked to actual minutes/seconds locations in your score (versus specific bars, etc.)

Yes. once the tempo changes, the SMPTE goes through the window; but it’s worth a look, as a work-around, for fixed-tempo projects.


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