Timeline on bug fixes for 8.3 ala Cubase 9.5.41?

There are various bugs in N8.3 which have been sorted out in C9.5.41.
Any hint of a timeline for a bugfix update?

Wow, good point, I just looked at the 9.5.41 release notes.

CAN-18793 Audio Export An issue has been resolved where exporting an audio mixdown without output routing set could render the application unreliable.

I’ve had a tech support ticket going for weeks now about Nuendo crashing in a batch export and they’ve had me do ridiculous stuff like reinstall Nvidia drivers. I guess basically running through a worthless generic support script. Once than ran out, never heard back.

And all they had to do was look in the release notes for their cheaper application!

I can’t see why the two development groups will not speak to each other about this stuff…