Timeline setting

I don’t know if it’s a bug or it’s deliberately done so, but it’s very annoying.
So, timeline setting doesn’t want to be saved together with the project.
Always at the opening of the project I have to check the timeline setting and adjust it.

That certainly wasn’t so in older versions of Cubase. I think such a behavior starts from version 7 or 8.

You mean if the timeline is set to Time or Bars/beats?

Yes I agree this is one of a number of small but annoying ‘features’ to do with Cubase remembering settings from the last project, not the saved one I’m opening. I alternate between music projects, video projects and VO editing projects and I usually have to change the setting. Why wouldn’t I want Cubase to save the timeline setting with the current project? It makes no sense to me.

For a long time, mixer rack settings seem to get reset - I never open the EQ rack in the mixer, just Routing, Sends and Inserts but I pretty much always find EQ and Channel Strio have re-selected themselves.

I’ve started noticing something else, I think with the current release of 9.5, I wasn’t noticing it on the previous release - in the Channel Settings pane, often the channel sends rack is closed, and has to be opened. As I never close this rack in any projects, this seems to be a bug. Sometimes the Inserts rack is closed too. And the in the Channel Settings dropdown menu, 'Follow ‘e’buttons or selection changes’ option often deselects itself.

I also notice that some track heights are randomly reduced to very small on opening a saved project.

All minor things but it all wastes time.