Timescale for first Dorico update?

Hi all!

I’ve been really enjoying Dorico! I cantwait to use it on my first proper project from the beginning. I did an example score for three instruments and the remarkable thing was, the experience was not euphoric - it just did what I wanted. Immediately. Straight away.
Neat, tidy score. Beautiful output. Gorgeous fonts.
The workflow I’m getting used to - I used to use up/down arrows constantly!
Got myself a little midi keyboard. Game changer.
Still would like select all, and select contents of entire stave though. Plus chord symbols and first/second time bars of course!

So - do Daniel and the team already have timescale in mind for the first update?

Thanks all - can’t wait to spend the word about this software.
Daniel, I hope the sales figures so far are satisfying your new bosses!


Glad you’re getting on well with Dorico so far, Ian. See here for details of when you might be able to expect the first update.